We have reached the top, literally, as we arrive at the Crown chakra energy wheel which sits in the space above our head, where a crown would rest. Each of the chakras is seen as a sort of ladder that begins with the Root and reaches the pinnacle at the Crown. This is the seventh chakra and is the conduit of our connection to spirituality and the divine. 

The Sanskrit word for this chakra is Sahasrara, meaning “thousand-petaled”. The deeper meaning of that name and how it is connected to our spiritual life is symbolic of a person opening to the light of divine consciousness, realizing that there is more to this existence than what can be seen or touched with our physical senses. Similarly, how a flower opens its petals to the light, we are able to access higher states of consciousness as we open to what is beyond our personal preoccupations and visions. 

The beautiful soft violet color of this chakra symbolizes the higher realms although the color white is also heavily associated with this chakra as well, being a heavenly color of purity. Violet is the highest vibrating color and is also symbolic of purification and the meeting point of two worlds, the higher and the lower. 



Clear Sight

The theme or function of this chakra should be very clear to you now. It is driven by consciousness;  that consciousness that strives to expand and escape the limitations of this earthly plane by seeing things from a vantage point of clear sight.



In Balance vs Blocked

When a person has an open Crown chakra they feel connected to their Higher Self and can more easily be attuned to their own inner wisdom. Being able to see the bigger picture in life brings a deep sense of peace and contentment without regard for what is happening around them. 

When your Crown chakra is blocked you could feel like life is pointless, you are adrift, aimless and see no purpose. You may experience anxiety or depression and a lack of peace in your life. An over-attachment to physical possessions or people could result. Does this sound familiar? Many of us see these characteristics in people all around us even if they try to pass themselves off as happy and content. Remember the wise phrase, “Be kind, you do not know what a person is truly battling inside.”



Balancing Techniques

To regain the connection to the Divine through your crown many recommend sitting in silence and focusing on your breath. Meditation is such a powerful tool and can help release the blockages that hinder us. Personally, I love the simple act of clearing up clutter in my surroundings. It has been proven that reducing the clutter around us daily can significantly reduce the mental and emotional stress we face, both of which are blocks to the Sahasrara chakra. 

The sound OM (AUM) is the mantra that is commonly used to help bring this chakra into openness and connection because it is said to match the frequency of this chakra’s energy. The sound AH is also used because it represents the feeling of letting go and releasing those things that you are holding on to that are holding you back or keeping you stuck.



There is so much more to learn about this chakra and all of them really, but we hope that we gave you the inspiration to be aware of your energy wheels and take a few minutes every day to connect to them and learn when you are out of balance and in balance.

We wish you a healthy, open Crown chakra and that you will see things with truth and clarity!




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