The Root Chakra is incredibly important since it is the basis for how we move through this world. The Sanskrit name for this chakra is Muladhara, a compound term formed out of the word’s “root” and “support.” The Root Chakra sits where we sit! Just like a trunk of a tree roots itself down to the ground, the base of our spine is where the root chakra resides. 

Because Red is the color of the life force that is in each of us, it makes sense that this is the color associated with this chakra. Red means energy and our connection with the Earth and carries the promise of survival.



Safe & Secure

It lays the foundation for all of the chakras that ascend up through our body and is said to hold the past energy of our ancestors and the earliest imprints in our life that either left us feeling safe and secure or unstable and abandoned.

As the first chakra, the root anchors the higher chakras and the human body to this earthly plane and is related to our sense of safety and security. Because of this, it is fairly easy to know when the Root Chakra needs to be balanced! Ask yourself the question,” Do I feel safe and stable in my life?” This question checks in with your Root Chakra. We cannot grow and change unless we feel safe and secure. 



Domino Effect

Consequently, because each chakra is affected and connected to the energy of the others around it, an under or over-active Root Chakra can prevent a person from effectively healing the higher chakras. It becomes a domino effect! Balancing your Root Chakra is the first step in becoming your highest self. 

When the first chakra falls out of balance, the consequences can be damaging to your quality of life. Those who have an imbalanced root chakra have difficulty connecting to the world around them and often end up facing it in a confrontational or adversarial way.

Common psychological problems that are associated with this are depression, anxiety, and even paranoia. A healthy and balanced Muladhara chakra is considered an absolute prerequisite for overall well-being. 



Balancing Techniques

What do you do if you need to balance this chakra? Well, the first and possibly the most important is a Root Chakra meditation, this is best done in a seated half lotus (crisscross legged) position where you can feel the connection to the earth or floor. Imagining a red wheel of light at the base of your spine that sends a red cord of connection down into the center of the Earth is very helpful as you breathe deeply into your pelvic floor and use the affirmation “I am safe and supported in all things.

Other balancing techniques that can be helpful are adding mantras and additional affirmations to your meditation practice. The mantra LAM is the Sanskrit word that is used to energetically bring balance to the Root Chakra and is said aloud or focused on silently. 



We hope this has been helpful for you and gives you some tools to improve your Root Chakra! We wish you a healthy, balanced Root Chakra!


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