The Sacral Chakra is your passion and pleasure center. This energy wheel sits in the lower abdomen and is the second chakra on our path upwards through the body! While the Root Chakra is satisfied with survival, this chakra craves the pleasures and enjoyment of life. 

The name of this chakra originates from the Sanskrit word “Svadhishthana,” which translates as “one’s own place” and speaks to the true and authentic you. The color orange is associated with the Sacral Chakra which stands for warmth and emotion. 



Pleasure & Enjoyment

We may crave pleasure and enjoyment, but often we are not fully appreciating all the beautiful things that life has to offer. Learning to connect with the present moment and experience it in the full spectrum of sensation and emotion is a beautiful gift of this chakra. 

Because this chakra is the center of your emotions, pleasure, sensuality, intimacy, and connection with others, it allows you to feel the energy of change and transformation. 




In general, the conditioning of our upbringing has suppressed much of what the Sacral Chakra promotes as healthy and vital for a balanced life. Many of us can relate to that feeling of judgment when we tried to express our passions and emotions. So, it isn’t surprising that we may disconnect from our bodies and feelings from a young age. 

Considering the mixed messages that we receive about sexuality in our societies, it becomes apparent why many of us have either blocked or excessive Sacral Chakra imbalances. 


Creativity Center

The Sacral Chakra is also where your creativity stems from. Passion is the fuel for creative energy as we can see in the Great Masters of  Renaissance who sculpted or painted their names into history with undeniable passion. Everything you create, whether it be a story, piece of art, or a delicious new recipe for your friends; it all originates from the energy of the Sacral Chakra. It is also where your fertility originates. After all, conceiving a child is a creative process! 

When your Svadhisthana Chakra is open, you are passionate, fully present in your body, sensual, creative, and connected to your emotions in a positive way. 



Balancing Techniques

If you know that your Sacral Chakra is out of balance and you are seeking balance, you can start by asking yourself a few questions.

Do I love my body? 

Do I enjoy feeling the energy my body experiences through its senses? 

Do I feel a rush of creative energy when I need it?

Do I feel guilty about my body or my worth? 

Learning to focus inwardly as you ask these questions and feeling your body respond is part of a good mindfulness practice. If mindfulness is new to you then the simplest explanation is that Mindfulness is the practice of purposefully focusing all of your attention on the current moment and accepting it without judgment. When you meditate and you are focused on your breath, that is a moment of being mindful as you pay attention to the feeling of the air moving in your body. 

Another powerful way to bring balance to this chakra is a meditation focused on the Sacral energy area. The mantra that is associated the most with it is the sound, VAM. By chanting VAM, the vibrations will open and help align this chakra.



We hope this has been helpful for you and gives you some tools to improve your Sacral Chakra! 

We wish you healthy, balanced chakras, 


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