The 3rd Chakra is otherwise known as our powerhouse by many a yoga and meditation teacher. Its sunny, yellow color gives the sense of a bright, powerful source of energy, like our sun. It is the energy center that contributes to a strong sense of self.

The Sanskrit name for this chakra is Manipura, meaning “jeweled city” or “shining gem”. Just imagine a jeweled city in the center of your body that glows with radiant yellow light! What beautiful imagery. 



Judgment & Criticism

Positioned in the upper part of our belly between the stomach and the sternum, the chakra is the center of our willpower, self-esteem and confidence. As mentioned above, all of these intersect with our personal identity and ego, so when you’ve faced a strong rejection or a harsh criticism, this is the chakra that takes the hit! 

Internalizing something painful you experience can really deplete our sense of self-worth and erode our self-confidence. Every time you judge or criticize yourself; you dim your internal light and weaken your willpower. It can be tough to come back from painful events in our life, as many of us know all too well! You probably already know that wallowing does nothing to help us reach the beautiful potential that we have! Bringing health and healing to this chakra can be immensely powerful and truly transformative. 




When you muster up the courage to do something that scares you, then you are accessing the energy from the Solar Plexus Chakra; getting comfortable with the uncomfortable to reach your potential! This chakra gives you the ability to follow your true path, or dharma, your life’s purpose. Do your eyes light up when you talk about your passions? Do you feel a “spark” in your soul when you do something that brings you pleasure?  If you experience this, then you are opening your Solar Plexus Charka energy! 

A yoga teacher of mine once said in a class,” Your Manipura chakra gives you the ability to choose! You can choose what life you want and then use the powerhouse to take actions toward that vision.”

Affirm: What you are not changing, you are choosing.  



Balancing Techniques

When we look to balance this beautiful gem in the center of our being, we can start by asking ourselves a few questions: 

What do I desire for myself?

Is it love, light, and healing?

Do I accept that I have the power to choose?

Do I feel a sense of freedom when I make a choice?

Self-love, self-acceptance, and acknowledgment of your worth are the building blocks helping to strengthen the third chakra. A good exercise for this can be as simple as looking at yourself in the mirror, up close and personal, staring into your own eyes and say, “I Love You.” Say it several times and then move on with your day. Repeat as necessary. 

Chanting RAM while meditating for a few minutes every day can help increase the positive vibrations of your powerhouse, and assist you in standing your ground, overcoming negative impulses and follow through with your desire to improve.



We hope this has brought you more clarity and has been helpful to you! Wishing you a healthy, bright Solar Plexus Chakra.




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