The beautiful fifth chakra, called Vishudda in Sanskrit which means “pure” or “purification”, sits in the center of the neck, around our throat and vocal chords. By now, you can probably guess easily what this relates to in your life!

That’s right, your communication AND your listening is connected to this chakra! Were you surprised that listening was found here? I was when I first heard that but I quickly understood why. When we speak, if no one is listening there is no one to receive what we share, and if we do not listen to others then there is no one to reply to. Seems obvious, but many of us can get caught up in speaking and forget to listen. This chakra reminds us also to be compassionate listeners and give the gift of being heard to those we listen to.  



Open & Honest

The soothing blue color associated with this chakra also carries great symbolism. 

Think about how you feel when you lay on green grass on a beautiful day looking up at the blue sky? Usually, it will be calm, tranquil, peaceful or thoughtful. This is the power of the throat chakra at work. It balances the more energetic chakras that are lower on our body. 

Vishudda is balanced and flowing easily when you are open and honest in your communication about your personal truth and how you express yourself creatively. 

However, doubts and negative thinking can quickly block this flow and it can be very frustrating how easy it is to fall into this trap! But, of course, nothing is ever blocked or broken forever. 



Balancing Techniques

If you find that your Throat Chakra is not as open and expressive as you want it to be, or you are struggling with doubts about your message or worth, then, of course, there are some things you can do to bring more openness and flow to this chakra. 

As usual, we always suggest a meditation on the throat chakra! There are many beautiful ones on YouTube and one in particular that I have used and like very much is found here. (

Read the description below the video for suggestions on how best to use this beautiful music to bring increased energy and flow to your chakra. You can also chant the mantra HAM to help elevate the energy as you meditate on this chakra. 

Another practice is to sing! Using your voice can help loosen the tightness and give way to other expressions of your truth that have been waiting in the wings. Speaking with trusted friends or family about an issue clearly and without censorship can be a great help as well. 

A favorite of mine is also to use essential oils in a diffuser at my desk during the day or in the evening by my bed as I prepare for sleep. Some great essential oils that help with opening Vishudda are jasmine, rosemary, and sandalwood.



We hope this has been helpful for you and brings you closer to a full-bodied voice that resonates with your truth and purpose in life! 




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