I am the MEG behind the NUT

& this is my mess that became my message…

I feel like my highest-self when I allow myself to be vulnerable, so, here it is…

At the age of 18, I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease. I was always cold, fatigued, my luscious curly hair was falling out, I was feeling nauseous, and just overall, really crappy. Pun intended… this caused me chronic constipation. What would anyone who curls over in pain after eating and has no energy to do anything, do?

I tried cleaning up my diet and experimented with what food groups may be triggering these symptoms. We are what we eat right? Wrong – we are what we digest and assimilate. At the age of 23, I checked myself into the hospital after years of struggling with weight and food issues. My BMI had gotten so low, I was admitted for anorexia, but that wasn’t the reason for my condition. I eat, I ate, I was eating – but I wasn’t gaining anything, actually losing…I was frustrated and in danger. I surrendered to the professionals.

Over the years, I had developed an eating disorder called Avoidant Restrictive Food Intake Disorder (ARFID). I came upon this innocently.

So, the doctor’s prescription was food – and a LOT of it! Food is a necessity of life, food is pleasure, food is healing.

But hospital food is, well, quite bland but I ate it, I ate it all. I love food- the various textures, colors, and benefits. So, I got creative with my trays of “medicine” and had my mom bring me a few of my favorite spices from home. I could now add some flavor and additional health benefits! My body was in a state of chronic stress for so long that being in “fight or flight” burning extra energy which added to my depletion. But being in the hospital put my body into “rest & digest” mode and my cells were finally being nourished again.

I practice yoga regularly and through my yoga practice, I met yoga’s sister, Ayurveda. The two main guiding principles of Ayurveda are: the mind and the body are interconnected, and nothing has more power to heal and transform the body than the mind. According to Ayurvedic philosophy, a disease is a reflection of the state of our consciousness and how we live, Health is the end result of a harmonious life. I was so fascinated I began self-teaching and learning more…

Food is a major part of our life and is the fuel our body can accept to function properly. Having a love relationship with food and how we consume it helps us in developing a healthy lifestyle.

I have so much more to share from a pure place of embodiment!

Until then…Keep calm & OMMMMM NOM NOM!


Meghan VanAuken